Data Networking

​Make your network a competitive differentiator with Electric Lightwave’s advanced network connectivity solutions. Connect all your locations together, incorporate robust cloud infrastructures, or enable high-bandwidth Internet using our advanced network.

  • Wavelength Services Leverage Dense Wave Multiplexing (DWDM) technology delivered over our fiber network for the low latency, high capacity bandwidth and reliable transport between major west coast cities.
  • Spectrum Eliminate the costs and management obligations and gain the benefits of owned with a customizable private networking solution delivering virtually unlimited bandwidth on demand.
  • Express Routes Streamline access to key data centers in the West with Electric Lightwave’s pre-built routes for Wavelength Services offering low-latency 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps dedicated backbone connectivity.Learn More about Electric Lightwave’s Express Routes.
  • Ethernet Services Enable Electric Lightwave’s reliable network infrastructure for secure connectivity between networks with the scalability and efficiency you need.
  • IP/MPLS VPN Simplify network management and connect all your branch locations securely over a single connection to converge voice, Internet and data onto one seamless network with Electric Lightwave’s IP/MPLS VPN Solutions.
  • Cloud Connect Service Provide secure, direct connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft ExpressRoute leveraging Electric Lightwave’s reliable network.
  • High Speed Internet Accelerate your business with dedicated Internet access up to 10 Gbps from Electric Lightwave.
  • Dark Fiber Take control your network with Electric Lightwave’s secure and cost-effective high capacity Dark Fiber solution, offering virtually-unlimited bandwidth for your high-bandwidth applications.
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