What WAN Are You? A Short Personality Quiz


​Find the WAN that Best Matches Your Business

Are you the type of person who knows all the acronyms and handles all the technology questions about your Wide Area Network (WAN) or do you prefer to rely on a trusted partner to manage and maintain it? Do you like to keep control of your network or would you rather have a service provider take ownership of traffic management and prioritization? If your business is one of the millions of businesses planning to upgrade and improve network connectivity, your personality plays a role in choosing the right solution.

In this very mobile and cloud-oriented world where everything is highly-interconnected, you have many connectivity choices. Take some of the pressure off yourself and let your personality start the evaluation process. We've created a little quiz to help you decide. Depending on how you answer four simple questions, one of these solutions could be for you:

Dark FiberWavelength ServicesPrivate LineEthernet Services: E-Line or E-LANIP/MPLS VPN Solutions

Find more WAN guidance including white papers and a boss-friendly version of this infographic on our WAN Resources page.

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