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Integra's Cloud Firewall Service protects your business by guarding the perimeter of your network while providing inbound and outbound Internet access through a secure hosted gateway. Our Cloud Firewall Service prevents against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure, prohibits access to inappropriate web content, restricts downloads of infected files, and enables secure use of your network.

The basis of our Cloud Firewall Service is built upon the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall, which safely enables applications and delivers visibility and control over users and content within the firewall using a highly optimized architecture.  Palo Alto Networks is classified as a “Leader” by Gartner Research and has received a “Recommended” rating by NSS Labs.  Our highly trained team of security engineers maintains the firewall system, malware, anti-virus definitions, and URL filter dynamic updates for you.  Our security engineers will also work with you to customize your security policies or you may modify your policies through our secure web portal.

  • Application Control – Our multi-layered security technology goes beyond the traditional port blocking protection of existing firewalls and incorporates the latest advances in application threat detection and management. Using proprietary App-ID and Content-ID programs, our Cloud Firewall Service lets you customize protection levels for business critical applications and files while providing peace of mind against malicious threats.
  • URL Filtering – URL filtering is enabled by utilizing local lookups as well as querying a master database in the cloud. Local lookups ensure maximum, inline performance and minimal latency for the most frequently accessed URLs, while cloud lookups provide coverage for the latest sites. Using the combination of application control and URL filtering, flexible policies can be implemented to control employee and network activity.
  • Network AV and Anti Spyware – The broadening use of social media, messaging and other, non-work related applications introduces a variety of vectors that can be used to propagate viruses, spyware, worms and other types of malware. Integra’s Cloud Firewall Service allows organizations to first block unwanted applications with App-ID and then scan the allowed applications for malware.
  • File Filtering – Controls the flow of a wide range of file types by looking deep within the payload to identify the file type (as opposed to looking only at the file extension) to determine if the transfer of the file is allowed by policy. File blocking by type can be implemented on a per application basis which can, for example, allow an organization to enable the use of specific webmail application like Gmail and allow attachments, but block the transfer
  • IDS/IPS – A rich set of intrusion prevention features blocks known and unknown network and application-layer vulnerability exploits from compromising and damaging enterprise information resources. Vulnerability exploits, buffer overflows, and port scans are detected using proven threat detection and prevention (IPS) mechanisms.  The intrusion prevention engine is supported by a team of seasoned signature developers who are active in the threat prevention community, performing ongoing research and working closely with software vendors, both informally and formally, through programs such as the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP).
  • Reporting and Visibility – Integra’s Cloud Firewall Service offers a wealth of information via the customer portal dashboard, traffic logs, threat logs, application logs as well as nightly and weekly PDF reports.
  • User-ID – Traditionally, security policies were applied based on IP addresses, but the increasingly dynamic nature of users and applications mean that IP addresses alone have become ineffective as a policy control element to safely enable applications. Integra's Cloud Firewall Service integrates with a wide range of enterprise directories and terminal services offerings which allow you to see who uses the applications on your network, set policy based on users and groups, perform forensic analysis and generate reports on user activities.

  • Security Zone – Segment your network into separate functional areas with the Security Zone option. Security policies then allow/block traffic to pass between these different zones. Use this feature to enable a DMZ for your web servers, guest Wi-Fi access and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications.

  • Economical Efficiencies – With Integra’s Cloud Firewall Service, you leverage the cloud and avoid capital equipment expenses and hardware maintenance contracts. You do not need to buy, install and maintain premise-based firewall, gateway appliances or security software. As your firewall service provider, we’ll assist you with deployment and maintenance of the service and provide a secure web portal for modifying your security policies from anywhere.  Many of our customers IT vendors like the flexibility of helping our mutual customer with their security needs without needing to drive to the premise to update firewall rules.

​Integra's Cloud Firewall Service is available in two options: Plus and Premium. Both are hosted by Integra, configured with product level features to meet your protection needs.

  • Cloud Firewall Service Plus - intended for businesses needing protection for customized policies and reports with the ability to view log files.
  • Cloud Firewall Service Premium - intended for businesses requiring the highest level of security and protection.


Product Level​ ​Plus ​Premium
 Application Visibility​ and Control ​X ​X
​ Comprehensive Reporting ​X ​X
 ​URL Filtering ​X ​X
​ Security Policy Customization via Secure Portal ​X ​X
 Network Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware ​    X ​X
​ File Filtering ​N/A ​X
 Remote Access Client ​* ​10 Free**
 ​Syslog Feed (requires customer provided syslog server) ​* X​
 ​Site-to-Site VPN (IPsec) ​* 1 Free**​
​ User-ID (Active Directory user/group synch with policies/reports) ​* X​
​ Security Zone (DMZ, guest network, BYOD. Price is per zone) ​* ​*

 * Can be added for additional charge

** More can be purchased for additional charge



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