Partner Agent Program

A great opportunity to grow your business and offer your customers an expanded product line. Integra's state of the art facilities-based network and local customer care ensure you can provide your customers with the best in networking, telecommunications, and Internet access.

  • Robust product offering with industry leading customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated Agent Partner channel support
  • Competitive commission structure with upfront commission and residual components
  • Partner website
  • Ongoing training and business development support
  • Agent Partner co-branding program
  • Easy proposal paperwork

Your Local Representatives

Integra Market​ Channel Manager Phone​
​Arizona Ken Cisneros  ​602-346-1137
​California / Nevada Josh Byrd ​408-835-7054
Colorado​ / Minnesota Scott Eastman 303-643-5027
Oregon Kelsey Penhale 503-444-6900
​Montana / Washington Matt Brock ​503-444-6804
Utah / Idaho Robert McClellan 801-708-6187
​Utah ​Jason Speredon ​801-428-2413

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