Solutions for Education

Empowering Teaching Innovation

Integra recognizes the diverse challenges facing educators today. Technology powers teaching innovation for everything from elementary school e-Learning software to Virtual Universities.

As part of our enterprise solutions, Integra delivers services addressing a wide range of education needs, providing institutions with the tools necessary to:

  • Manage fluctuating bandwidth requirements for education applications and data.
  • Ensure student and educator safety by maintaining network availability in emergencies.
  • Adapt network security to personal technology devices.
  • Prepare for next-generation distance learning education and technologies.
  • Maintain network security to protect confidential student information.

Budget constraints also challenge educational institutions. For this reason, Integra has participated in the Federal funded E-Rate program from its inception. Many of our products and enterprise managed services are part of the E-Rate discounting for eligible K-12 schools, districts and libraries.


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