IP/MPLS VPN For Enterprise

​Your Layer 3 VPN Solution

​Integra's IP/MPLS VPN Solutions allows your business to connect multiple offices and enjoy the simplicity of combining your voice, data and Internet traffic over a single network. Whether you have two sites or 200, Integra can customize a secure, reliable solution to maximize your networking investment. Bandwidth is available from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

  • Dependable and Secure Private Network — Integra’s high performance network connects all your locations over a private IP/MPLS network with 99.999% network availability. Voice, data and Internet traffic converge over a single network, providing rapid, reliable and secure access to all of your employees regardless of their location.
  • Flexible Bandwidth and Access Options — Integra offers a variety of access technologies to provide just the right amount of bandwidth for your applications and traffic to all of your business locations.
  • Converged Architecture — Integra offers the networking foundation for your business that allows you to grow, on-demand, with multiple service types: Internet, Voice and MPLS. This scalable platform supports your growing business and can be designed as a fully meshed network to support the needs of multi-location offices.

​In addition to IP/MPLS VPN, Integra offers several services to enhance your network and connect your enterprise—nationwide.

  • Business Continuity Wireless Backup provides true diversity for your network by automatically switching your traffic over to a wireless connection in the case of a wireline disruption, without manual intervention.
  • Security — Integra’s Cloud Firewall Service protects your business by providing monitored and secure Internet access through a managed gateway. Unlike legacy firewalls, our Cloud Firewall Service offers filtering at the application level.
  • Remote Location Service — With Integra’s Remote Location Service, you can leverage a centralized IP PBX to serve all remote offices and reduce costs associated with multiple, physically dispersed phone systems.


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