​  Your Layer 3 VPN Solution

​Connect Your Offices & Your Employees to Your Network

Integra's IP/MPLS VPN is a fully meshed, Layer 3 private network that connects your multiple office locations and combines your business traffic on a single network connection. Whether you have two sites or 200, we can customize a secure, reliable solution, protecting your network investment and saving time and money. Our service includes:

  • Voice, data, and Internet traffic on a single network connection
  • Traffic management with four Quality of Service (QoS) queues
  • Flexible Bandwidth options from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Basic and premium service packages tailored to suit your network management needs
  • Multiple access methods including Ethernet over Fiber (EoF), Ethernet over Copper (EoC), and Ethernet over TDM (EoTDM)

​Simplify Your Network Management

Integra offers basic and premium service packages with our IP/MPLS VPN Solutions to deliver simplified implementation, continuous proactive monitoring, and ongoing maintenance. Our services are designed to meet your individual needs and can be customized with enhanced options. We provide the following options, so you can save resources and focus on your core business:

  • customer routers,
  • managed routing between locations,
  • maintain enhanced routing configurations,
  • proactively notify you in case of an outage.

​Service Level Guarantees 

Our high performance network securely connects locations over a private IP/MPLS network with 99.99 percent uptime, ensuring high productivity and minimal disruption. Our advanced network core supports multiple convergence methods for layered services and future growth. Learn more about how Integra has designed our infrastructure to deliver you optimal network performance.

​Enhanced Service Solution 

With additional Integra services to complement IP/MPLS VPN, you can enhance your network and connect your enterprise nationwide:

  • Failover Backup — Provides true diversity for your network by automatically switching your traffic over to a wireless backup or wireline connection during a disruption, without manual intervention.
  • Internet Cyber Security – Protects your business from online threats by identifying your security vulnerabilities, recommending a solution based on your individual needs and implementing and maintaining security services.
  • Remote Location Service — Enables you to leverage a centralized IP-PBX to serve all remote offices and reduce costs associated with multiple, physically dispersed phone systems.
  • Performance Monitoring — Increase your network visibility with Integra’s enhanced portal and view your service utilization and performance.
  • Custom Solution — Maximize your network investment with a full service solution and additional services from Integra such as Collaboration and Messaging, Hosted Voice Service, SIP Trunking, Cloud Firewall Service, DDoS Mitigation Service, High Speed Internet and more.


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