Carrier Ethernet Services for Enterprise

  Scalable, Flexible Layer 2 Network

​Integra’s Ethernet Services offers industry-leading, reliable Ethernet connectivity for your business with Quality of Service (QoS) queuing to prioritize your business-critical traffic between your offices - whether they are within the Metro area or located across the country.

Carrier Ethernet Offers

  • ​Industry Standards - Enable seamless connections between networks with ubiquitous, standardized, carrier-class service.
  • Reliable - Improve service quality for better network performance and meet your most demanding availability requirements with an all-Ethernet network.
  • Quality of Service - Maximize network efficiency and quality by prioritizing traffic. 
  • Manageable - Manage the health of your network with the ability to monitor, diagnose, and centrally manage your network.
  • Reliable and Secure Performance – Integra's Ethernet Services are provisioned over our own fiber backbone and MPLS core with SLAs that guarantee the highest reliability standards. Our MPLS backbone has self-healing, diversely routed optical paths that provide the resiliency and security required for your most mission-critical applications. Network usage and SLA performance can be monitored through Integra’s graphical, map-based customer portal.
  • Optimal Network Design – With Quality of Service (QoS) technology, you can prioritize your Metro or Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic into queues to maximize the efficiency of your network. You no longer need to manage or pay for separate connections for your voice, video, data, and Internet traffic. You are guaranteed flexibility and scalability with Ethernet bandwidth speeds available from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps using access options such as fiber, Ethernet Over Copper, and bonded TDM technologies.
  • Certified by Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) – We deliver scalable, reliable business-class Ethernet that performs according to rigid service level specifications and strict industry standards as defined by MEF.  Interoperability is guaranteed so there will be no need to change your Local Area Network (LAN) equipment or network.

Integra’s Ethernet Services offering is one of the most advanced on the market providing secure, scalable and cost-effective solutions to enable your business. 

Download Integra's Network Overview See how Integra offers your business a competetive advantage with the most technologically advanced data infrastructures and a network designed specfically to meet your needs.

Integra’s Ethernet Services include:

  • E-Line – Connect your remote offices to your main location with either a point-to-point or a hub and spoke configuration using Integra’s E-Line service.  Seamlessly expand your network by replacing your existing, rigid private line connections while maintaining your existing IP routing.
  • E-LAN – Extend your existing network with multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity. Integra’s E-LAN service enables you to manage your traffic to all of your office locations, easily increase bandwidth, and add new locations as your business needs growth.


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