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 Integra Telecom Schedules Release of 2011 Annual Earnings on March 19, 2012

PORTLAND, Ore., March 14, 2011 –Integra Telecom, Inc., will release its 2011 annual results on its public website as well as its IntraLinks site on Monday, March 19.

The company also plans to conduct a quarterly earnings conference call Thursday, March 22 at 10:30a.m. PDT (1:30p.m. EDT), during which the company will discuss its results. There will be a question-and-answer session following the presentation. The company plans to issue a summary information package on its fourth quarter and annual earnings prior to the call.

Conference Call Information:
Date: March 22
Time: 10:30am PDT (1:30 EDT)
Access Number: 800-272-6255

Call-in information will also be provided on Integra’s public website and on IntraLinks at the time that the company’s earnings are posted.

Debt holders, prospective investors, broker-dealers or securities analysts can request access to the Integra IntraLinks site by e-mailing Integra Telecom at

To learn more, contact Integra at 1-866-INTEGRA or visit

About Integra Telecom
Integra Telecom Inc. connects businesses by providing enterprise-grade networking, communications and cloud solutions to business and carrier customers in 35 markets 11 Western states, including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Washington. The company owns and operates a nationally acclaimed, best-in-class fiber-optic network consisting of a 5,000-mile high-speed long-haul fiber network and a 3,000-mile metropolitan access network including more than 1,900 fiber-fed buildings. The company has earned some of the highest customer loyalty and customer satisfaction ratings in the telecommunications industry. Integra Telecom is a registered trademark of Integra Telecom Inc. For more information, visit

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